Welcome to Broadwood Archive Services!

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We work in cooperation with John Broadwood & Sons Ltd to help provide detailed and often fascinating information for BROADWOOD owners, collectors, buyers and sellers the world over. Each year we successfully handle dozens of enquiries from all parts of the globe.

If you can provide the SERIAL NUMBER of your instrument, we can usually tell you:

For all SQUARE (`TABLE') and UPRIGHT pianos, we need ONLY the serial number to commence any search.

For all GRAND pianos, as well as the serial number, we need: a) the exact length of the instrument from the tail end furthest away from the player to the rail in front of the keyboard and b) the exact number of notes on the keyboard simply count up the number of white (natural) keys and add this total figure to the number of black (sharp) keys; and finally if you can tell us whether your grand piano is overstrung or not (viz:-wound bass strings crossing diagonally above the remaining strings), this would be helpful as well.

Remember, if your piano is an early CABINET model (very tall upright, usually over 180cm high, made by Broadwoods between the years 1811 and 1854)) this instrument will have its OWN numbering system.

We charge £60 pounds sterling for each number search carried out. You can pay by pounds sterling cheque/banker's draft made out in favour of BROADWOOD ARCHIVE SERVICES and send it to the address below, or you can make payment directly into our bank account (details also below). Please make sure that you also supply all your contact details name, address and phone when requesting an archive search. Each request for information usually takes around three weeks to handle. Thank you!

Please print out the form if you would like to request a search on your piano. click here to print form

6, Bramham road, Acomb,
YO26 5AW
. Telephone: (0044) (0)777 077 22 33 please contact us by phone if further help required. Email:Send Mail

Our bank details:

A charge of 60.00 Sterling is made for a search.
Please ensure your cheque is in
Pounds Sterling.
Cheque made payable to John Broadwood & Sons Ltd

Our bank details:
Account name:John Broadwood & Sons Ltd.
Bank: Yorkshire Bank, Whitby branch, North Yorkshire. YO211BB. UK. Sort code: 05-09-79.
Account number: 280 006 09.
IBAN number (for overseas enquiries): GB29 YORK 0509 7928 000609.

When making any payments directly into our account, please identify your name and also the pianos serial number in the payment details.